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(State of Nevada)

General Information:

Location: Western United States
Capital: Carson City
Language(s): English
Population: 3,080,156
Total Area: 286,367 sq km
Curious Alcohol Fact: Although growing grapes is an arduous process in the state, there are a few wineries.
Most Popular Drink(s): Wines, beers
Nickname(s): Silver State, Sagebrush State
What You Must Do in Nevada: Visit the Hoover Dam, the highest concrete arch dam in the United States –forget Area 51!

Nevada Travel Video

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The State

Known for the glittering city of Las Vegas and the mysterious Area 51, Nevada is surely one of the most amazing cities in the United States and I must say that even though I was not able to visit the famed Area 51 (it is a military zone closed to unauthorized people), Nevada had more than enough to offer me. The state of Nevada is bounded on the west by California, Utah on the east and Arizona borders it to the southeast. The states of Oregon and Idaho also border the state to the north. One of the largest states in North America, Nevada is also one of the most sparsely populated –I keep noticing that with very large states. Most of the Nevadans are found in the wonderful city of Las Vegas as much of the state is made up of dry, dusty deserts. The name of the state comes from the Sierra Nevada, a mountain range on the California-Nevada border. The name ‘nevada’ means snow-covered in Spanish. The state was admitted to the Union as the 36th state in 1864.

The People

There are reservations for the Native American tribes such as the Shoshoni and Washoe. However, around 85% of Nevadans are descendants of the early European colonists, missionaries and explorers. Other ethnic groups in the desert state include the Blacks (African Americans), Hispanics (Latinos), Asians and Native Hawaiians/Pacific Islanders. The most populous city in the state is Las Vegas –the world’s entertainment (many will say gambling) capital. The predominant religion in the state is Christianity and the Roman Catholic Church is the largest denomination.


Immediately I was served the leprechaun cheesecake upon arriving Nevada, I knew I was in for one long culinary trip –and a very interesting one too. The next day, I was treated to a ravishing dish of venison steaks with mushrooms and with time, I had to keep asking for more green chili elk enchiladas made with elk chops, tomatoes and spices. In one of the restaurants, I devoured a whole plate of stuffed mushroom. Before I forget, if you want the best foods from various parts of the globe, just head to Las Vegas. In this glittering and glamorous city, you are sure of getting restaurants that will sell local, continental and intercontinental meals.


Where else can you find the heavenly drink on earth if not Las Vegas? While touring this bubbling city, you can lay your hands on some of the finest brews and wines. The state of Nevada is home to few wineries, which produce various wines like the Chardonnay, Merlot and Roussillon. There is also a number of beers and ales sold in many of the bars and clubs that litter Las Vegas. Other ‘softer’ dinks such as carbonated drinks, yoghurt and ice cream are also easily purchased.


For a state that is as bubbly and exciting as Nevada, it does not come as a surprise that the state is also a major center for sporting events and activities. Football, tennis, baseball, auto racing and basketball are some of the most widely-enjoyed sports in the state.

Interesting Facts


The Nevada Test Site has the highest concentration of nuclear-detonated weapons in the country.
The state is homed to one of the most legendary and famous military facilities in the world –Area 51.
Nevada is also referred to as the Silver State.
The state is the seat of the celestial city of Las Vegas.
Of all the fifty states, Nevada is the only one in which prostitutes are legally recognized.
The desert tortoise has been adopted as the state reptile.

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