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General Information

Location: Northeastern United States

Capital: Augusta

Language(s): English

Population: 1,344,212 (2019)

Total Area: 35,385 sq km

Curious Alcohol Fact: Maine is one of the alcoholic beverage control states.

Most Popular Drink(s): Wines, beers

Nickname(s): Vacationland, The Pine Tree State

What You Must Do in Maine: Visit the old port section of Portland

Maine Travel Video

Credits: Vacationsgram

The State

Even though no one is sure of where the name ‘Maine’ comes from, the general belief is that the pioneering explorers derived the name from the province of Maine in France. Maine is in the northernmost corner of the northeastern region of the United States. Ranking the 12th smallest in terms of area, it is also the 9th most populous. To the west, it shares borders with New Hampshire, New Brunswick (Canada) to the northeast, Quebec (Canada) to the northwest, and to the southeast of Maine is the Atlantic Ocean.

By the time the European explorers arrived, they met tribes of indigenous Algonquian people. Over time, more settlements by the British and French colonists were springing up in various parts of the state. During the several wars in American history, the state was a bone of contention between different forces. It was one of the constituent parts of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and it remained so until 1820 when it voted for secession from the commonwealth. On the 15th of March, 1820, Maine was admitted into the Union and it became the 23rd state.

The People

The original inhabitants of the state now called Maine were indigenous tribes but over time, immigrants and colonists from Europe and other parts of the globe came to settle in the area. As it stands today, an overwhelming population of the state is of white heritage and this is as high as almost 95%.

Others in the state include blacks, American Indians, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiians, and Asians. Records taken in the 2010 census showed that of all the states in the country, Maine had the largest percentage of non-Hispanic whites. Many of the whites trace their roots back to England and it is interesting to also know that the state has the highest proportion of French Americans of any state in the country.


If you are a food lover, you will surely love Maine. This is because this is one place where you can have all your culinary fantasies become reality. Of all the dishes I have experienced in this beautiful state, the most outstanding ones include bean hole beans, lobster rolls, ployes, Italian sandwiches, and chowder.

I am particularly passionate about Maine chowder because the way they season it with all kinds of seafood and garnish it with fat is one experience you will not enjoy anywhere else.  Other delicacies you can enjoy in Maine include Blueberry cake and Fiddlehead ferns. While in Maine, you will surely not have any shortage of what to eat.


The same way you will have enough to eat in Maine, you will also have more than enough to drink. From craft beers to Allen’s Coffee Brandy to delicious maple syrup or the legendary Moxie, you are going to have more than enough to drink in this amazing state.


When it comes to sports, the people of Maine are big fans of ice hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball, and athletic games. If you love sport, this is a state you are going to appreciate.

Interesting Facts

  • It is the only state in the country to share a border with just one other state.
  • Of all the states in the contiguous United States, it is the easternmost.
  • Maine is one of the smallest states in the country, in terms of both area and population.
  • It is known for its seafood delicacies, particular clams, and lobsters.
  • Whoopie pie is the official state treat of Maine.
  • A citizen of Maine is known as a Mainer.

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