Christmas Island

Territory of Christmas Island

General Information:

Location: Indian Ocean
Capital: Flying Fish Cove
Language(s): English
Population: 1,955
Total Area: 135 sq km
Currency: Australian Dollar
Curious Alcohol Fact: Coconut
Annual Average Liquor Consumption Per Capita: Not available
Most Popular Drink(s): Juices, beers and wines

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The Island


Christmas Island or properly called, the Territory of Christmas Island is a territory that belongs to Australia. Located in the Indian Ocean, it was named thus because of it was discovered on the 25th of December. As a result of the fact that the island is isolated geographically and the very limited human incursion into the area, there is a very high degree of the preponderance of endemic plants and animals. This is of great significance to biologists and naturalists.


The People


The population of the island is just a little over 2,000. These residents live on a number of places that are called the ‘settlement areas’. These areas are located on the northern tip of the island and include the capital city of Flying Fish Cove (which is also called Kampong). Other settlement areas are Drumsite, Poon Saan and Silver City. A vast majority of the population are Chinese Australians.


Eating and Drinking on the Island


For those who love food and take real delight in consuming dishes of the highest quality, this is the place for you. From continental Asian dishes to incredibly tasty seafood, Christmas Island has it all. Also, for those who prefer to wash it down with fresh fruit juice, soft drinks or even alcoholic drinks, you always have your choice to make. Trust me, this is one island you will never forget, as far as the culinary delight is concerned.


Culture in Christmas Island


Like many of the islands in the region, you will find the culture on the Christmas Island really refreshingly unique and different. That is because there is an exciting mix of different people from different backgrounds. Even though the population is predominantly Chinese, you will also see people with European and Malay roots. One thing that is more of a tradition on this island is that people usually remove their shoes before entering houses and it can be considered offensive to touch someone’s head. There are numerous religious beliefs on the island and there is a mutual understanding and respect among everyone. Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism are some of the major religions practiced in the area. Most important festivals are Christmas, Hari Raya, Easter and the Spring Festival.


Interesting Facts About Christmas Island


The capital city of Flying Fish Cove is also referred to as ‘The Settlement’.
Almost 65% of its land area is classified as an Australian national park. This park has an extensive monsoonal forest.
For several years, phosphates, deposited as guano have been mined on the island.
Captain William Mynors gave the island its name.
There was a time when the island was invaded by the imperial forces of Japan.

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Christmas Island
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