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Coat of Arms

United States Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

United States Flag 

Coat of Arms

United States Map

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Coat of Arms

New York City

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Coat of Arms

Los Angeles

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Coat of Arms

Chicago Skyline

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Coat of Arms

US Supreme Court

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General Information:

• Location: North America

• Capital: Washington

• Language(s): English, Spanish, Native American languages

• Population: 311,094,563

• Total Area: 9,826,675 sq km

• Currency: United States Dollar

• Curious Alcohol Fact: Alcohol was once prohibited in the United States

• Annual Average Liquor Consumption Per Capita: 9.44 liters

• Most Popular Drink(s): Beers, wines, soft drinks, maple syrup

United States Travel Video

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The Country

Officially referred to as the United States of America, the US is a federal republic made up of fifty states and one federal district. There are 48 contiguous states on the North American mainland and the other two states include Alaska and Hawaii. Alaska is located in the extreme north of the continent while Hawaii is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. On the mainland United States, the country is bordered to the north by Canada and on the west by the Pacific Ocean, the largest in the world. To the east of the country lies the Atlantic Ocean and on the southern flank, there is the historic nation of Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico. There are also some territories in other parts of the world under American jurisdiction, and these include Guam, America Samoa, United States Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands and Puerto Rico. 

The People

Upon stepping on United States soil, one thing that will catch the attention of every visitor is the multicultural nature of the American society. Without undue exaggeration, there is virtually no nation in the world that does not have a representation on earth –a vast majority came as immigrants. In the midst of the ethnic mix, the Whites form the largest group with most having English, Irish and Germans. Other ethnic groups include the African Americans (Blacks), Hispanics (Latinos), Asians (especially Chinese, Indians and Filipinos), American Indians, Native Hawaiians (or other Pacific Islanders).

Eating in the United States 

The United States of America is so diverse and multicultural that it is very difficult to state a typical American meal –except maybe fast foods. The dish varies from state to state, community to community and ethnic group to ethnic group. However, in the midst of the culinary diversity, there are some foods that I feel stand out when discussing American cuisine. These are foods that I was able to eat while crisscrossing the country. Seafood happens to be quite popular all over the country –even in the desert states of Nevada and Utah. Baked beans is also another

meal that I must also mention. The best way to appreciate the diverse American cuisine is to taste as much as you can.

Drinking in the United States

For anyone interested in a ‘liquor voyage’, the United States is the best location. With countless wineries, numerous bars and rural taverns, you can get to drink just about any type of drink on earth –alcoholic or not.

Sports in the United States 

In the United States, sports are integral parts of the society. It is also interesting to know that some of the sports that we have today were invented in the country. These include volleyball, basketball, snowboarding and of course, cheerleading. Baseball is the national sport and other popular sports include American football, ice hockey, surfing, auto racing (remember Indy 500), golf, tennis, soccer and tennis. When it comes to sports, the United States is one of the most amazing countries on the planet.

Interesting Things About the USA

• The United States is the world’s largest economy and possesses the most sophisticated military on earth.

• In terms of population, the United States is second only to China and India.

• The United States Dollar is regarded as a universal currency.

• The national bird is the bald eagle.

• The United States was once a colony of the United Kingdom.

• No country spends more on the military in the world than the United States which is also the only superpower.

• Some states in the United States were bought from other countries like Russia and France.

• The first person on the moon, Neil Armstrong, is an American.

• America gave the world stars like Michael Jackson, Madonna and Elvis Presley.


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