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(Togolese Republic,

République Togolaise)

Coat of Arms

Togo Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

Togo Flag

Coat of Arms

Togo Map

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Coat of Arms

 Togoland in 1908, Togo

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General Information:

• Location: Western Africa
• Capital: Lomé
• Language(s): Ewe, Kabiye, French
• Population: 6,704,564
• Total Area: 56,785 sq km
• Currency: CFA Franc
• Curious Alcohol Fact: Local brews like palm wine are more popular than exquisite drinks or imported beers.
• Annual Average Liquor Consumption Per Capita: 2.00 liters
• Most Popular Drink(s): Palm wine, chapallo (local brew made from grains)

Travel Video

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The Country

 Togo is located in West Africa and is surrounded by other nations in the subregion: Burkina Faso, Benin and Ghana. The southern border is adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean and the area falls in the Gulf of Guinea. The capital city is Lomé and is a port city serving the nation and other West African nations. Lomé is also the largest city in the country. Togo has a peculiar shape and can be described as being shaped like the letter I or the number 1. Located in the tropics, the climate is hot and wet. The northern regions tend to be drier and as you move towards the coast, the land gets greener and the vegetation, fuller and lush. 

The People

 Although the Republic of Togo is small in area and population (has almost 7 million people while Nigeria has over 150 million), there are more than 30 different ethnic groups. These include the Ahlo, Fulani, Lamba, Gurma, Konkomba, Tambama, Kwa and the Akebu. Some of the ethnic groups also migrated from the neighboring countries and in this category, we have the Yoruba, Mina, Dagumba and the Mossi. Most of the Togolese depend on subsistence agriculture for food and income. In the coastal communities, fishing is an important activity. Unlike many other African countries, the percentage of those adhering to traditional beliefs is quite high, accounting for almost half of the population. Togo and Benin Republic are reputed to be some of the most powerful voodoo societies in the world. Although this is the 21st various secret societies and voodoo (or vodun) cults, and they are widely feared and revered. Those who are not animists are either Christians or Muslims. century, there are

Togolese Food

 Good food is an integral part of Togolese culture, and as you move from region to region, you have the opportunity to sample some of the finest meals in Africa. If you visit the capital city of Lomé, you will be able to taste French meals, especially in the high-brow hotels and restaurants. In other parts of the country, you can eat local delicacies like fufu which is made from pounded or grated cassava. Fufu is served with spicy stews or vegetable soups. I have observed that fufu is a common food in Africa, especially in the western parts. There is also a meal called akume and is made from corn paste. It is also typically served with soups and stews. Meat and fish are widely consumed in the country. 


 Meals in Togo are generally incomplete without drinks. And luckily, there are various drinks such as palm wine. This is the sap of the palm tree which is collected in gourds. Palm wine can be considered as the national drink as it is consumed all over the nation. This can be attributed to the ubiquitous nature of the palm trees. If you want to purchase French wines and beers, the best place is the capital city of Lomé. 



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