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(Municipality of Saba)

Coat of Arms

Saba Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

Saba Flag

Coat of Arms

Saba Map

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Coat of Arms

Saba island viewed from the north

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Coat of Arms

The Saba Government House

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Coat of Arms

Playground in Saba

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General Information:

• Location: Caribbean

• Capital: The Bottom

• Language(s): English, Dutch

• Population: 2,011

• Total Area: 13 sq km

• Currency: United States Dollar

• Curious Alcohol Fact: There is the Saba Spice, a locally-prepared alcoholic drink.

• Annual Average Liquor Consumption Per Capita: 2 liters

• Most Popular Drink(s): Rum (Saba Spice), fruit juice

Saba Travel Video 

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The Country

Located in the Netherlands Antilles, Saba is one of the Netherlands Windward Islands and the others include Saint Martin Island and Saint Eustatius. To the south of Saba lies the Leeward Islands. In the early part of the 17th century, Saba became a post for Dutch settlers century, it formed the Dutch West Indies alongside Sint Eustatius.

The People

Residents of the islands are aptly called Sabans and are mainly of European (Scottish, Irish and Dutch) and African heritage. Christianity is the major religion in Saba and most of the inhabitants follow the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Other Christian denominations include the Anglicans. There is also a considerable number of followers of other faiths like Islam and Judaism As mentioned earlier, around 50% of the people have European roots while others are descendants of slaves with West African roots. Like many of the other islands in the Caribbean, the economy of Saba relies greatly on tourism. Agriculture is also a very important component of the local economy. It is also very interesting to know that there are many centers in Saba where laces are produced for local use and export generating considerable foreign exchange revenue for the people.

Eating & Drinking in Saba

If you have always had food wishes, you will find Saba to be heaven. From the finest seafood to fresh fruits, this is the real Eden on earth. You can try out steamed lobsters or fried fish and a shot of Saba Spice at any of the lovely restaurants.

Sports in Saba

By far, the most popular sports in Saba are sea sports and this is especially true of scuba diving. Diving in Saba can be boat or shore, it all depends on how you like it. The Saba Marine Park is regularly listed among some the very best diving resorts in the world and you will do yourself a lot of good by having an unforgettable underwater experience in this tiny Dutch municipality. You really have to experience a day or two in this wonderful resort before you can actually get to appreciate this. 

Interesting Facts About Saba

• Saba is actually an extinct volcano rising from beneath the waters. The volcano is sometimes referred to as Mount Scenery.

• Saba was once the haven of pirates from Northern Europe.

• The name of the capital city is rather queer: The Bottom.

• Like some of the other islands in the Caribbean, Saba was once the haven of sea pirates.

• As a result of its geography, the slopes of Saba are very steep.

• One of the most difficult roads in the world (also called The Road) is in Saba.

• Even though Saba is a possession of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, English is the official language.

• There is a school of medicine on the municipality which has just about 2,000 residents.

• Saba is one of the best spots in the world for climbing and scuba diving.

• Saba is also referred to as ‘The Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean’.

• Although small, Saba is a major player in the ecotourism industry.


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