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(The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations)

Coat of Arms

Seal of the State of Rhode Island

Coat of Arms

Flag of Rhode Island

Coat of Arms

Map of Rhode Island

Coat of Arms

The Rhode Island State Capitol

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Coat of Arms

Harbor of Newport, Rhode Island

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Coat of Arms

Panorama of Providence, RI

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General Information:

• Location: Northeastern United States
• Capital: Providence
• Language(s): English
• Population: 1,125,363
• Total Area: 3,140 sq km
• Curious Alcohol Fact: Coffee seems to be more popular than beers.
• Most Popular Drink(s): Coffee
• Nickname(s): Little Rhody (very appropriate), Ocean State
• What You Must Do in Rhode Island:

Rhode Island Travel Video

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The State

Officially referred to as the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, Rhode Island is one of the states in the New England region in the country. It is also one of the original 13 states that played a very important role in the establishment of the modern American nation. Rhode Island is the smallest of all the fifty in the United States and also has one of the highest population densities in the country. The state is so small that you will find it quite difficult to locate on many maps of the country. What I find most fascinating is that in spite of its tiny size, the state is actually the very first to declare independence from Great Britain. 

The People

The distribution of the population in the state shows what I observed in many of the other states (apart from New Mexico) –Whites are in the majority as they form over 80% of the population. Most of the Whites in the state have Italian, Portuguese, French and Irish roots. Other ethnic groups in the state include the Blacks (African Americans), Asians, American Indians, Native Hawaiians (and other Pacific Islanders) and Hispanics. Christianity is the predominant religion in the state with many being Roman Catholics or Protestants. Others are Jews, Muslims and Hindus.

Eating in Rhode Island

Although the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations is the smallest in the nation, its culinary shadow looms very large. You will be dazed and dazzled with the amazing array and fantastic collection of dishes you will enjoy in the state. One dish that you must not miss in the state is clam cakes and there are numerous brands. Another popular meal in the tiny state is clam chowder and there are various types –red chowder, white chowder and Rhode Island chowder. In various parts of the state, you will also enjoy fish and French fries. And just when I thought that was all to food in the state, I was introduced to jonnycake which is a mouth-watering mix of cornmeal and pancakes. Of all the dishes, I still find the jonnycake to be the most outstanding –and the best part of the dish is that it is served with a bottle of my favorite –maple syrup!

Drinking in Rhode Island

From apple-flavored ice cream to smoothies, the smallest state in America will not disappoint you when it comes to pampering your throat. On the other hand, coffee seems to be quite popular in the state and you can also enjoy cool wines and bubbly beers.

Sports in Rhode Island

Sincerely speaking, when it comes to sports, Rhode Island belies the fact that it is the tiniest of American states. Ice hockey, baseball, football, basketball, tennis and soccer are hugely popular in the smallest of states.

Interesting Things About Rhode Island

• This is the smallest state in the United States.

• Size aside, Rhode Island was the first state to declare independence from British imperialism.

• Other names for the state include the Ocean State and Little Rhody which I find befitting.

• The state rock is the cumberlandite, which is unique to the state and has been an object of intense study by geologists.


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Public skating rink with ice skaters, Providence, RI

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