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(Republic of Nicaragua, República de Nicaragua)

Coat of Arms

Nicaragua Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

Nicaragua Flag

Coat of Arms

Nicaragua Map

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Coat of Arms

The Fortress of Immaculate Conception

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Coat of Arms

Mombacho Volcano Natural Reserve

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Coat of Arms

Concepcion Volcano

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General Information:

• Location: Central America

• Capital: Managua

• Language(s): Spanish, Misqito, Creole

• Population: 5,957,557

• Total Area: 130,373 sq km

• Currency: Córdoba

• Curious Alcohol Fact: Drinks are called refrescos.

• Annual Average Liquor Consumption Per Capita: 5.37 liters

• Most Popular Drink(s): Fruit drinks, beers

Nicaragua Travel Video

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The Country

Situated just to the north of the Equator, the Republic of Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America. Standing at the center of the isthmus that divides the Americas, Nicaragua shares borders with Costa Rica to the south and Honduras to the north. To the east of the country lies the beautiful Caribbean Sea while the Pacific Ocean bathes the country’s western coast. On the western flank of the country are two of the largest lakes in Central America and these include Lake Managua and Lake Nicaragua. By virtue of its location, Nicaragua is located in the tropics and that translates to plenty of sunshine. A land of majestic geological features, Nicaragua is also known as the Land of Lakes and Volcanoes. Managua, the largest settlement in the country also doubles as the country’s capital and is also the seat of culture and commerce.

The People

A staggering proportion of Nicaraguans are called mestizos and these are people with both Amerindian and European blood. Apart from the mestizos, the Blacks (mainly descendants of West African slaves) and migrants from Europe form the other ethnolinguistic group. Interestingly, the indigenous Indians like the Subtiavas make up a tiny percentage of the population. In different parts of the country, Spanish is spoken widely and in some other regions, English is also used. Like many of the other countries in the region, Christianity is the major language in the country with the Roman Catholic Church being the largest denomination. Adherents of Judaism, Islam and other religions are in the minority. Many of the citizens are involved in agriculture, tourism and fishery. Export of seafood like shrimps is a major economic activity in Nicaragua.

Eating and Drinking in Nicaragua

For those who love food, Nicaragua is one place that you will love. Gallo pinto is the most popular meal and is also regarded as the national dish. Made from fried white rice and beans, you will surely ask for another plate. Many dishes in the country are also made using corn and a good example is nacatamal. There is also the corn-based nacatamal, which you must taste before flying out of Managua. In the various coastal communities, seafood is in abundance and you can always try out grilled fish and steamed lobsters. Fresh fruit juice and various alcoholic drinks are available.

Interesting Facts About Nicaragua

  • Nicaragua is also called the Land of Lakes and Volcanoes.
  • A citizen can also be simply called a Nica.
  • Of all the countries in Central America, Nicaragua is the largest in terms of the area.
  • In 1990, Violetta Chamorro was elected as the president of Nicaragua, recording a first in the history of the Americas.
  • Spanish-styled buildings are all over the country.
  • Nicaragua is also called the Land of the Poets.
  • Granada, the oldest colonial city in the Americas is located in Nicaragua.
  • The currency is named after the founder of the nation, Francisco Hernández de Córdoba.
  • The birth rate of Nicaragua is one of the highest in the world.

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