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(Republic of Namibia,

Republiek van Namibië,

Republik Namibia)

Coat of Arms

Namibia Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

Namibia Flag

Coat of Arms

Namibia Map


Coat of Arms

Sand dunes in the Namib Desert, Namibia

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Coat of Arms

Quivertree Forest, Bushveld, Namibia

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Coat of Arms

Tintenpalast, Namibia

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General Information:

• Location: Southwestern Africa
• Capital: Windhoe
• Language(s): English, German, Afrikaans, Herero
• Population: 2,223,127
• Total Area: 825,418 sq km
• Currency: Namibian Dollar
• Curious Alcohol Fact: Namibian lagers are so good that they are exported to other countries. This is often attributed to the German influence on the country during colonial times.
• Annual Average Liquor Consumption Per Capita: 9.60 liters
• Most Popular Drink(s): Windhoek Lager

Namibia Travel Video

Video Courtesy: afernbrant Youtube Channel 

The Country

 The Republic of Namibia was once called South West Africa until the late 1960s. Namibia has the Atlantic Ocean to its west and is surrounded on other sides by the following nations: Angola, Zambia, South Africa and Botswana. The history of Namibia is quite a chequered one; it was colonized by Germany and South Africa before it finally became independent in 1990, and that makes the country one of the youngest in the continent since most African countries got their independence in the 1960s. Namibia is a land of spectacular beauty and unrivaled splendor although much of the land is dry and inhospitable. Close to the Atlantic coast is the legendary Namib Desert and in the interior is another majestic desert –the Kalahari. 

The People

 Namibia is a very large country but the same cannot be said of its population. The population is so small that Namibia has been classified as one of the most sparsely populated nations on earth. There is a number of ethnic groups in the country and the largest of these is the Ovambo (Ambo). Other tribes in the Namibian nation are the Kavango, Herero, Damara and the Himba. There is also a significant population of Europeans from Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands. More than 90% of the Namibian population profess Christianity, especially the Lutheran denomination. Many citizens of this country are subsistence farmers as agriculture is the mainstay of the country’s economy. Namibia’s current president is Hifikepunye Pohamba and I will always remember that one of my favorite athletes of all time, Frankie Fredericks is a Namibian. Fredericks was once the fastest on the continent and even raced against a cheetah, the fastest land animal on the planet. Namibians are resourceful, humble and warm people.


 Although much of the country is dry and inhospitable, such terms are not applicable to the fantastic meals of this great African nation. When I visit a Herero village on the outskirts of Windhoek, the nation’s capital, my guests welcomed me with an irresistible dish of fried mushrooms called humajowa. The interesting thing about Namibian cuisine is that it differs from region to region. If you pay a visit to any of the coastal towns, you will be treated to a dish of fish, oysters, lobsters and other seafood. In other parts of the country, meat is a major feature of the food, and this is reflected in the dish called idingu which is made from meat (dried), beans and vegetables. 


 When it comes to the bottle, you will appreciate the influence of German legacy on the nation. Breweries in Windhoek produce beers that are so good that they are exported to other nations in Southern Africa and beyond. Some of the most popular brands of such national liquors are Windhoek Premium Lager and Windhoek Light. Wines from South Africa are also available and there is no hassle in getting soft drinks.



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The Namibian Stock Exchange in Windhoek, Namibia

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Sandstorm while driving from Swakopmund to Walfish Bay, Namibia

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