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Coat of Arms

Montserrat Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

Montserrat Flag

Coat of Arms

Montserrat Map

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Coat of Arms

Montserrat National Museum

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Coat of Arms

Coastal cliffs, 

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Coat of Arms

MV Caribe Queen

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General Information:

• Location: Caribbean (Lesser Antilles)

• Capital: Brades

• Language(s): English, Creole

• Total Area: 102 sq km

• Population: 6,012

• Currency: East Caribbean Dollar

• Curious Alcohol Fact: Liquor is also made from local food crops.

• Annual Average Liquor Consumption Per Capita: Not available

• Most Popular Drink(s): Fruit juices, beers

Montserrat Travel Video

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The Country

Located in the Lesser Antilles chain (Leeward Islands) of the West Indies, Montserrat is a dependency and an overseas territory belonging to the United Kingdom. It lies to the northwest of Guadeloupe and the southwest of Antigua. The island dependency is also popular across the globe for its active volcano found in the Soufriere Hills which erupted with devastating consequences in 1997. The capital and administrative capital is St. John’s although this role was once played by Plymouth, the scene of the catastrophic volcanic eruptions in August 1997.

The People

Much of the islanders are Blacks with many tracing back their roots to the nations of West Africa. Apart from the black-skinned residents, others include those who migrated from the United States and nations of Western Europe like France and the United Kingdom. The official language is English although many of the islanders understand the local Creole dialects. Like many of the other islands in the Caribbean region, Christianity is the predominant religion in Montserrat. The Methodist movement, Anglican Church and the Roman Catholic Church happen to be the largest denominations. In some other parts of the island, there is also an ancient belief system called the obeah and it commands a number of followers. Obeah is often described as a blend of spiritism, magic and ancestor worship. Many of the Monsterratians are engaged in tourism, trade and construction services thus contribute greatly to the local economy.

Eating and Drinking in Montserrat

Meals in Montserrat have evolved over time to become a perfect blend of English and Caribbean flavors. From grilled chicken to the jerk shrimp, this dependency offers you all that is culinary delight in the Caribbean. For many of the visitors, those amazing lobster cakes will sweep you off your feet. Fruit juices and beers are widely available.

Sports in Montserrat

By far, the most popular sport in Montserrat is cricket and the legendary Jim Allen is from the island. Apart from cricket, football is also enjoyed on the island.

Interesting Facts About Montserrat

• Montserrat is also referred to as the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean.

• The name ‘Montserrat’ was given to the island by Christopher Columbus after a monastery on a mountain of the same name in Spain.

• Huge frogs are a delicacy in Montserrat where they are called ‘mountain chicken’.

• The island is yet to recover from the destructive effects of the 1995 volcanic eruption.

• The Carib and Arawak Indians were the first to settle on the island before the coming of colonists from Europe.

• Montserrat divided into parishes and these are three in number: Saint Peter Parish, Saint Anthony Parish and Saint Georges Parish.

• The former capital of Plymouth has been deserted as a result of the 1995 volcanic eruption which also necessitated the evacuation of much of the island population.

• Some of the rarest animals and plants are found in Montserrat.

• Construction is going on for a new capital.

• There are numerous villages all over the island.

• A citizen of the island is referred to as a Montserratian.


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Photo Gallery

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Montserrat Cultural Center

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Little Bay, Montserrat

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