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(Црна Гора, Crna Gora)

Coat of Arms

Montenegro Coat of Arms


Coat of Arms

Montenegro Flag


Coat of Arms

Montenegro Map

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Coat of Arms

Sveti Stefan Resort, Montenegro

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General Information:
  • Location: Europe
  • Capital: Podgorica
  • Language: Montenegrin
  • Population: 625,266 thousand
  • Total Area: 13.812 km sq
  • Currency: Euro
Montenegro Video
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The Country

Until Sudan split into two nations, Montenegro- gaining independence from Serbia in 2006- was famous as the world’s newest country. Before that, right until their dissolution in 1991, they were Yugoslavia’s most loyal member and perhaps because of that suffered few of the problems suffered by their neighbors Bosnia and Croatia in the post communist years. Even their split from Serbia seems, by comparison, amicable. In 2006, Montenegro started on their path of ascension to EU membership.

The People

Serbs and the Montenegrins make up most of the population, though there is also a large Bosnian community. The Bosnians mostly follow Islam and 12% of the Montenegro population is Muslim. The remainder is Eastern Orthodox Christians. As far as languages are concerned, Montenegro is also quite diverse. Upon gaining their independence from Serbia, they made Montenegrin the official language, but many people still speak Serbian. In addition, there are large Bosnian and Albanian speaking communities.

Lake Skader

Lake Skada became a national park in 1983 and today the nation recognizes it as one of their main tourist spots. In total, the part that belongs to Montenegro- one third of the lake belongs to Albania- is 420 km2. Under its depths are a series of caves. The lake is most popular with bird lovers and among the 200 species of birds are some of the last remaining pelicans in Europe.

Biogradska Gora

While most people connect rain forests with the tropical climates of South America, few know that Biogradska Gora is Europe’s last remaining rain forest. It does not quite reach the ecological heights of its Central and South American counterparts, but nonetheless it is home to a variety of animals bears. Among the 200 species of birds, one has the chance to spot the golden eagle.

Durmitor National Park

By now, you must realize that Montenegro is a nature lover’s paradise. Their most famous, and regarded as their most beautiful park, is the Durmitor National park. A UNESCO heritage site it has 16 glacial lakes and the clear water of river Tara, known as the last wild river of Europe. Its vegetation includes deciduous forest, coniferous forest and subalpine zones. It is also home to a variety of animals including wildcat, chamois, wolf and the wild boar.


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Kotor, Montenegro

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