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(State of Michigan)

Coat of Arms

Michigan Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

Michigan Flag

Coat of Arms

Michigan Map

Coat of Arms


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Coat of Arms

Grand Rapids

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Coat of Arms

Michigan State Capitol Building

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General Information:

• Location: Northeastern United States

• Capital: Lansing

• Language(s): English

• Population: 9,987,564

• Total Area: 250,493 sq km

• Curious Alcohol Fact: There are grand wine festivals in the state.

• Most Popular Drink(s): Vintage wines, beers

• Nickname(s): The Wolverine State, The Great Lakes State

• What You Must Do in Michigan: Take a cruise on at least one of the Great

Lakes as the state is known for outstanding recreational boating! Preferably Lake


Michigan Travel Video

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The State

I stumbled upon something quite fascinating when attempting to unravel the mystery behind the name of this state. I later learnt that the name was derived from a Chippewa Indian word, which can be translated to mean ‘mighty lake’. For a state that has almost 70,000 lakes, you will agree that the name is very befitting. This fabulous state is located near the marvelous Great Lakes (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior). Michigan has the longest coastline of any state, not just in the United States but also on the planet. The state is also one of the largest in the country in terms of the area covered. The state is also unique in the sense that it is the only one of all the continental states to be divided into two identifiable segments. The capital city is Lansing.

The People

The population distribution in Michigan is quite similar to many of the other states in the country. The Whites form almost 80% of the population and have roots in many European nations mainly Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, France, the Netherlands, Italy and the Scandinavians countries. Others include the Blacks (African Americans who make up almost 15%); Asians, Native Hawaiians/Pacific Islanders and some are of mixed races. Christianity is the predominant religion in the state and the largest denominations are the Roman Catholic Church, the United Methodist Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

The Food

Eating in Michigan is one of the most interesting activities that anyone can indulge in and as for me; I surely had a swell time eating in the Great Lakes State. With numerous food tours and festivals, you are on the culinary trip of your life and a yummy one too! At each of these festivals, it was nothing but food galore. If you want something sassy and exotic, there are many restaurants and eateries that you can try out in Detroit. Yes, Detroit is more than just cars –it has fine foods too!

Drinking in Michigan

 With its array of irresistible wine festivals, there is no way you will not try out a couple of vintage wines. Some of these festivals like the Lake Michigan Shore Wine Festival and the Leland Wine & Food Festival will continue to linger on in my mind for a long time to come. Beers and non-alcoholic drinks are also available.

Sports in Michigan

If you are really passionate about sports, there is absolutely no way you will not enjoy staying in the state. With its galaxy of stars paraded in different teams, Michigan is the place to be. Ice hockey, basketball, baseball and auto racing are some of the most popular sports in the state. Water sports like canoeing and boat racing are also hugely popular.

Interesting Facts About Michigan

• The city of Detroit in the state is the center of the nation’s automobile industry.

• The state has one of the largest coastlines in North America.

• Michigan is known for being one of the largest producers of automobiles.

• The state actually has a number of islands like Beaver and North Manitou.

• Serena Williams was born in the state!


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Architecture of the Grand Rapids

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