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(Republic of Malawi, Chalo cha Malawi, Dziko la MalaƔi)

Coat of Arms

Malawi Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

Malawi Flag

Coat of Arms

Malawi Map


Coat of Arms

Monoxylon beach, Malawi

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Coat of Arms

Women in Salima District, Malawi

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General Information:

• Location: Southeastern Africa
• Capital: Lilongwe
• Language(s): English, Chichewa, Chilomwe
• Population: 15,103,203
• Total Area: 118,484 sq km
• Currency: Kwacha
• Curious Alcohol Fact: The most popular drink called the MGT is actually a blend of two drinks –gin and tonic.
• Annual Average Liquor Consumption Per Capita: 3.22 liters
• Most Popular Drink(s): MGT (Malawian Gin and Tonic)

Malawi Travel Video

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The Country

 Formerly known as Nyasaland, the nation of Malawi is landlocked although it is blessed with the Lake Malawi which forms its borders with Tanzania and Mozambique. The Lake Malawi is just one of the many incredibly beautiful lakes in this country which also has majestic highlands. Mozambique, Zambia also share borders with Malawi. The capital city is Lilongwe and other important cities are Blantyre and Mzuzu. Like many other nations on the continent, the Republic of Malawi was ruled by Britain until it got its independence in 1964. I also learnt and saw that most Malawians were into subsistence farming and those that dwell around lakes such as the fascinating Lake Malawi (formerly called Lake Nyasa) are into fishing.

The People

 When it comes to the ethnic groups, Malawi is a very diverse nation. Of all the ethnic groups and the tribes found in the country, the most important are the Chewa, Lomue, Nyanja, Tumbuka, Nkonde, Tonga and Sena. The national language is Chichewa and is spoken by more than half of the population while English is the official language. An overwhelming proportion of Malawians are Christians, with many following the Roman Catholic Church. A little over 15% of the people are Muslims while others follow traditional African practices. Growth rate in the country is one of the fastest on the continent.


 The country surely has a lot of delicacies and I ensured that I tasted some of them and what do I have to say? Simply delicious! In one of the villages on the edge of the Lake Malawi, I devoured a whole plate of chambo. The dish was prepared from fresh tilapia caught from the lake itself. I was later told that chomba is quite popular in the country, especially in the settlements around the lake. As if that was not enough, I tried out the nsima at a Lilongwe restaurant and I felt like staying in Malawi. Nsima is made from corn and is taken with soup full of chicken or fish. If you want a taste of this heavenly preparation, inform your travel agent and head for southeastern Africa. When it comes to food, nowhere compares to Malawi.


 When it comes to what to drink, a shot of MGT is what most Malawians resort to. In the villages and hamlets, there is a drink called the mahiu and is made from corn. It is quite thick in texture but nonetheless tasty. Mahiu does not contain alcohol and for those who prefer such, you can get a cup from any of the local bars or stalls.


 When it comes to places to visit in this country, the first I will recommend is Lake Malawi. This lake is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Dive in its clear waters and swim with the locals. There are also numerous hills and if you are the climber, it is time to become a Malawian.



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Njolomole, Malawi

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Village Boys, Malawi

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