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(State of Idaho)

Coat of Arms

Idaho Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

Idaho Flag

Coat of Arms

Idaho Map

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Coat of Arms

Snake River Canyon

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Coat of Arms

Payette River

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Sun Valley Resort,

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General Information:

• Location: Northwestern United States

• Capital: Boise

• Language(s): English

• Population: 1,623,142

• Total Area: 216,632 sq km

• Curious Alcohol Fact: You can only buy alcohol from state-approved stores.

• Most Popular Drink(s): Wines, beers

• Nickname(s): The Gem State

• What You Must Do in Idaho: Visit the Craters of the Moon National

Idaho Travel Video

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The Country

The state of Idaho is located in the Pacific Northwest and it was admitted into the Union in 1890 as one of the Mountain States. The state is bounded to the north by the Canadian province of British Columbia while the state of Utah and Nevada form the southern border. It is a landlocked state and it shares borders with Oregon and Washington to the west and Montana and Wyoming to the east. As interesting as the name of the state is, the precise meaning and origin of the name is not known although there are various explanations as to the origin of the name, and one of these is that it was derived from the Apache word, which means ‘foe’. Idaho is one of the best-preserved states in the United States and if you are a lover of pristine wilderness, Idaho is the ideal setting with its mountains and forests. The climate is quite variable but is tolerable. The capital and largest city is Boise, which lies along the Boise River in the southern region of the state.

The People

One thing that I noticed in Idaho is that an overwhelming proportion of the residents are Whites. Thus, I was not too surprised upon learning that more than 90% of the people are Whites with British, French, Irish, German and Polish ancestry. Apart from those with European ancestry, other ethnic groups in Idaho include the Native Indians, African Americans, Hispanics and the Asians. As for the religious leanings of the people, I noticed a fascinating trend: around a third of the state’s residents are Mormons and that is surely one of the largest percentages I have noticed in the country. Mormons are followers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Other Christians in the state are Evangelical Protestants and Catholics, while others are Muslims, Jews and Hindus.

Food in Idaho

Idaho is known for its large-scale production of cheese and many tourists always help themselves to a bite. At the state’s many eateries and restaurants, you can also treat yourself to a fantastic array of meals –beef on baguettes, grilled rainbow trout and Dungeness crabs and the best of all –shrimp and roasted salmon ceviche! The state is also famous for its potatoes and I surely enjoyed some fried potato chips and from fresh vanilla-flavored ice cream –you can do better when you are in the Gem State.

Drinking in Idaho

When it comes to drinking in Idaho, one thing that you cannot leave out are the wineries of the state. However, you have to familiarize yourself with the state’s alcohol laws before you start to indulge yourself in a booze spree! Idaho laws state that alcohol can only be bought from state-licensed stores and before you can work as a bartender in an outfit selling alcohol, you must be at least 19 years. The laws aside, Idaho is a great place to drink.

Sports in Idaho

When it comes to discussing sports in Idaho, there is never a dull moment. The most popular sports in the state include baseball, basketball, ice hockey and skiing. With various stadia and sporting facilities, lovers of sports will find Idaho quite appealing.

Interesting Things About Idaho

• Idaho is a landlocked state.

• Idaho is also referred to as the Potato State.

• The American Falls Dam is located in the state.

• The state is home to the Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge.

• The beautiful monarch butterfly is the state’s insect.


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