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Coat of Arms

Gibraltar Coat of Arms


Coat of Arms

Gibraltar Flag


Coat of Arms

Gibraltar Map 

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Coat of Arms

Europa Point Lighthouse, Gibraltar 

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Coat of Arms


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General Information:
  • Location :   Europe
  • Capital:      Gibralrar
  • Language:  English 
  • Population: 29,431 
  • Total Area:  6.8 km2
  • Currency:    Pound sterling

Gibraltar Travel Video

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The People:

Gibraltans are more British than the British are, and any Brit traveling there will feel like they are stepping onto the set of a 1960s British film set in London- red telephone boxes, bobbies on the beat, the old style post boxes and cute tearooms. One may even be able to taste the clotted cream and scones their Grandmother boasted about all those years ago, but you yourself have never tasted. The Gibraltans are proud of having British nationality.


The Rock Of Gibraltar:

The saying as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar refers to the rock's invincibility. Despite numerous sieges on the island, including WWII, it remains largely intact and a breeding ground for some rare animals. A highlight is spotting one of their Barabry Macaques, said to have come to the island when a shipment of North African animals escaped from a Spanish ship, but it also attracts migrating birds from all over the world. In addition, visitors can explore some of the rocks 100 caves and a splendid Moorish castle that overlooks the Spanish coast.


The Main Street:

The main street is a shopping district with old building in Moorish, Genoese and British styles. Of course, it is the British style that mostly prevails and one will often spot old British style telephone boxes and post boxes in everyone of the districts. Notable buildings include the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity.


Catalan Bay:

Catalan Bay is the second largest beach in Gibraltar and very popular with tourists and Gibraltans alike. Foremost however, it is a fishing village and home to Gibraltar’s most important festival. Every September the villagers will carry down the statue of our Lady of Sorrows onto the beach where standing next to it, the Bishop of Gibraltar will bless the sea.


Interesting Facts

  • Someone from Gibraltar is called a Gibraltarian. 
  • The name was given to it by a Ummayyad general meaning Jabal -i-Tariq or the Mountain of Tariq. 
  • It was once called Mons Calpe, one of the Pillars of Hercules. 
  • There are over 500 flowering species in Gibraltar. 
  • Gibraltar is known for its Barbary macaques, the only wild monkeys found in Europe and are very popular with tourists. 
The Country:

For such a tiny island, which many people call little more than a rock, Gibraltar has quite a standing in the world. A lot of it has to do with their location which, near the entrance to the Suez, has made them very important to the British. So important they have made the country and all its people British subjects. The Gibraltans don’t seem to mind. On the contrary, they once voted to stay part of Britain instead becoming part of France. Anyone seeing the bobbies on the beat and the old red telephone boxes can make no mistake where the populations’ allegiances lie.



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