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Coat of Arms

Seal of Georgia

Coat of Arms

Flag of Georgia

Coat of Arms

Map of Georgia

Coat of Arms

Forsyth Park Fountain, Savannah, Georgia 

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Coat of Arms

Tybee Lighthouse 

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Coat of Arms

Suspension Bridge, Savannah 

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Georgia Map Shot Glass

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General Information:

• Location: Southeastern United States

• Capital: Atlanta

• Language(s): English

• Population: 9,786,354

• Total Area: 153,909 sq km

• Curious Alcohol Fact: Beers are quite popular although the state is the world

headquarters of Coca Cola.

• Most Popular Drink(s): Soft drinks, beers, wines

• Nicknames: The Peach State, Goober State, Buzzard State

• What You Must Do in Georgia: Shop in Downtown Atlanta.

Georgia Travel Video

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The State

Georgia is one of the original 13 states although it is important to state that it is the last in the set. Established in 1732, the state shares borders with the following states: Florida to the south, Tennessee and North Carolina to the north, South Carolina to the east and Alabama to the west. Georgia was the first state in the South to ratify the Constitution and one of the very first to sign the Declaration of Independence. Once the cotton hub for the country, Georgia is now one of the most industrialized states in the country even though agriculture remains a major activity in the state. Textile industries, paper mills, lumber mills and food processing plants are found in various parts of the state. Located close to the tropics, the climate is subtropical with summer rains increasing in frequency as one moves towards the southern parts of the state.

The People

Georgia has one of the highest population of African Americans and they are mainly found in the rural areas in the state. Around a third of Georgians are Blacks while Whites make up almost 60% of the population. Many of the Whites have a British, French, German or Irish ancestry. Other ethnic groups in the state include the American Indians, Scottish, Asians, Hispanics, Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders. As far as religious affiliations are concerned, Georgians are predominantly Christians (especially Catholics and Protestants). The major languages in the state are English, French and Spanish. Georgia is also home to one of the largest illegal immigrant communities in the United States.

Eating in Georgia

Are you a lover of chicken? Georgia is the place for you. The state is often referred to as the Poultry Capital of the World. Before you doubt this, you will have to visit the state first to have a first-hand experience of the Georgian cuisine. Apart from chicken, there are some other popular foods in the state and these include pecan pie, cornbread, pork and BBQ. Surely, the state is a mouthful. You can also check out the chicken pies and boiled eggs. For me, the most interesting thing was trying out my hand on some of the traditional recipes. Good food is never in short supply in this fabulous state.

Drinking in Georgia

With Georgia being the global headquarters of Coca Cola, you can be sure of having more than enough soft drinks and beverages for yourself. However, for those who want something ‘stronger’ than a bottle of Coke, they are at liberty to enjoy nice wines and liquor at the bars and hotels located throughout the state. In short, there is never a dull moment in Georgia –especially when you know where to go.

Sports in Georgia

During my stay in the state, I find Georgians to be some of the most physically active Americans. They engage mainly in baseball, basketball, football and a host of numerous outdoor activities such as hiking.

Interesting Facts About Georgia

• As you might have guessed, the state of Georgia was named for King George II of the United Kingdom. 

• The state is also known as the Empire State of the South.

• Georgia was once part of the Confederate Forces that opposed the Union.

• The state has the second largest number of counties -159!

• The opossum is adopted as the state animal.


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