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(State of Florida)

Coat of Arms

Florida Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

Florida Flag

Coat of Arms

Florida Map

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Coat of Arms

St. Augustine, Florida

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Coat of Arms


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Coat of Arms

Orlando, Florida

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General Information:
  • Location: Southeastern Florida
  • Capital: Tallahassee
  • Language(s): English, Spanish
  • Population: 18,903,353
  • Total Area: 170,304 sq km
  • Curious Alcohol Fact: There are countless wine festivals.
  • Most Popular Drink(s): Wines, beers
  • Nickname: The Sunshine State, Peninsula State
  • What You Must Do in Florida: Check out Cape Canaveral during a shuttle launch or visit the Florida Keys

Florida Travel Video

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The States

  The state of Florida is very easy to locate on any map of the North American continent. It is located on a prominent peninsula in the southeastern part of the country. This protrusion of land serves as the wedge between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Florida is the southernmost state in the continental America and it shares borders with the states of Alabama and Georgia to the north. Apart from these two, Florida does not share a land border with any other state in the country. The climate is tropical and subtropical in some other areas. That means pleasant and sunny summers and that explains its inviting nickname –the Sunshine State. However, torrential rains and hurricanes are also regular features in the state’s calendar. The state was admitted to the Union in 1845 and has blossomed into one of the most spectacular states in America. The Everglades, a sprawling marsh, is one place in the state that receives millions of tourists on a yearly basis.

The People

  As it is the case in many of the states in the US, the earliest inhabitants of Florida are the Native Indians. The Seminoles are some of the best-known of these indigenous groups. Today, the majority of the population are descendants of early Spanish explorers and English colonists. Other groups in the state include the Mexicans, African Americans and Asians. In terms of religious affiliations, most of the Floridians are Christians with the Roman Catholic, Methodist and Baptist churches holding sway. I also discovered one interesting fact: Florida has some of the nation’s highest population of senior citizens. 


  Anytime I remember the state of Florida, there is only one thing that comes to my mind and that is food! If there is any food capital in North America, I think it will be Florida with its countless food festivals and culinary tours. This is a state where you can sample meals from just about any part of the globe. The festivals are simply exhilarating with flavors of different foods pervading the atmosphere. If you want to really appreciate the cuisine of the Sunshine State, you have to attend and take part in the food festivals. Some of these include the Florida Keys Seafood Festival, The Festival of Chocolate (yummy, isn’t it?), Food Network South Beach Wine and Food Festival, Florida Citrus Festival and many more. Want some more food? Buy a ticket to the Peninsula State!


 Just as there are food festivals, the state of Florida teems with many wine festivals (such as the Naples Winter Wine Festival, Lakeridge Winefest and the Miami Wine and Food Festival). At these occasions, you have the opportunity to sample some of the best wines in the world. Outside the festivals, you can always buy your beers, spirits and rum at many of the hotels, resorts, bars and restaurants that litter the legendary Land of Flowers.  


  As expected of a state with the stature of Florida, sporting events are quite common. Talking of sports in Florida, some of the most popular ones are baseball, basketball, football, soccer, ice hockey, tennis and racing. Other sports include golf, swimming and aquatic sports like surfing. 

Interesting Facts
  •  Florida means the Land of Flowers.
  • The state is Florida is one of the most battered by hurricanes in the United States. 
  • The Everglades (a vast swampy national park) is one of the most popular tourist destinations in North America. 
  • Florida was one of the founding constituents of the Confederate States of America. 
  • The nine-banded armadillo is one of the exotic animals found in the state. 

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