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(Føroyar, Færøerne)

Coat of Arms

Faroe Islands Coat of Arms


Coat of Arms

Faroe Islands Flag


Coat of Arms

Faroe Islands Map

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General Information:
  • Location: Northern Europe
  • Capital: Torshavn
  • Language: Faroese, Danish
  • Population: 48,917
  • Total Area: 1,399 km2 
  • Currency: Faroese Krona

Faroe Islands Travel Video

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The Country

The Faroe Islands consists of 18 islands of rugged and rocky terrain. Though still part of the Danish Kingdom, it has ruled on its own since 1948 and their Republican Party hope they will soon become an independent nation. It shows remarkable sense of pride considering they have a population of less than 50,000, but looking at their history you can see it comes from years of struggling to hold onto their culture. Having come this far, they are not going to let go of it easily.


The People

A book called the Norse Saga of Faroe Men, tells the story of how the island and its people were converted from paganism to Christianity. The two main figures in the book, and perhaps the two most famous people in Faroe Islands history, are Sigmunur Brestisson and Trondur I Gotu. Brestisson brought Christianity over, most likely from Norway. Gotu was a chief and resistant to the change until Brestisson gave him two choices: he either accepted Christianity and lived or refused it and died. Gotu decided he wanted to live.



Much to the disgust of animal right activists, the Faroe Islands have refused to stop whaling. In their defense, they say it is part of their tradition and done on a non-commercial and community level. Men, women and children will go out in their boats and drive the pilot whales that inhabit their seas into shallower water until they drown. 


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Torshavn Is The Capital Of Faroe Islands In North Atlantic

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Traditional Scandinavian Stone House By The Lake, Faroe Islands

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